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Our company; with its more than 25 employees who are experts in their fields, it serves Thrace in every field of the building sector. It provides solutions to retail and wholesale needs through its 1150 m2 store in the center of Tekirdağ, 8000 m2 open and 3500 m2 closed store and 700 m2 store in Tekirdağ Çorlu. In marketing and supply chains, with a total capacity of more than 10 vehicles, it fulfills the requests of all our customers as soon as possible.

Wooden Flooring

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Shower Cabin & Bathtub


Embedded Device


Door & Kitchen Cabinet


Armature & Accessory


Construction Chemical

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Bathroom Closet

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Floor and Wall Tiles

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Our company provides wholesale services by reaching more than 100 points in every province of Thrace with the best quality brands of the sector in various categories.

Worksite & Project

Our company meets all kinds of needs of its customers operating in the construction sector with its wide range of products and various opportunities and advantages for construction, construction site etc. projects.

Turnkey Renovation

By combining our customers with our team that has gained great experience in renovation for many years, we make all their demands and requests on a turnkey basis and renovate their homes from top to bottom.